Khamoshi (silence)

Kuch baatein aisi hotein hai

Jisko samajhna mushkil nahin hai

Kuch log aise hotein hain

Jinko samjhaana mushkil hain

Kuch woh kehte hain

Kuch hum

Baaton baaton mein

Baaton ka manee badalta hain

Woh nasamaj ya hum

Rishtay hi badaltay hain

Baaton sei

Ab khamoshi bol raha hai

Sun rahe hain sab

ENGLISH transliteration of Silence: 

 My words are not hard to understand; though

 some people do not comprehend

We exchange words, and

meanings alter as we speak

 Our feelings change course, 

we hear the silence that speaks now

Author: sandhya mendonca

outpouring of occasional whimsies

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