Eyes of the beholder

courtesy: www.telegraph.co.uk
courtesy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

A couple of months ago, I was shooting for a tv ad.

There were two other women on the sets. One of these young women handled the wardrobe and the other was with the company that had commissioned the ad. Let’s call her the Client; she was around to monitor the tv crew.

The men with me were aged between early twenties to late forties. As it happens at such shoots, we were sitting around idly for long spells while other actors did their parts. I could hear some of the men whispering about the Client. My ears perked up and what I heard was that they felt she was giving them the ‘looks’.

I am sure each one of them was secretly pleased, until he discovered that the other guys also felt that she was interested in them.

I observed her for a while, and found her tolerably pleasant when I spoke with her. I didn’t feel she was particularly turned on by any of them; it wasn’t a come-hither look, rather more like window-shopping. The guys though seemed to be really bothered by then. They started wondering why she kept looking at them openly.

I told the guys “Now you know how a woman feels every time we step out. Random guys check us out brazenly, we feel their eyes raking us from top to toe. If we make eye contact, their gaze lingers on our face, challengingly, suggestively. I am glad you too have experienced this  now”.

A few months before this, I was out for a morning walk with a guy friend.  We had barely entered the public gardens, when he  refused to walk further; “All these guys are checking you out so openly. I can’t take this.” I was amused as I had not even noticed it. Years of wearing an invisible moving curtain has given most women a seeming immunity.

photo courtesy: www.telegraph.co.uk
photo courtesy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

At the ad shoot, I don’t know if my words sank in or if the men liked what I said. They could not handle being blatantly appraised by the woman.  Whether I would ever do what she did or not, I kind of liked her for doing it.

On a lighter note, I really enjoy the condom ad where the husband recommends the strawberry flavor from the menu in a restaurant, while the cougar wife is checking out the hot young waiter and asks about the flavours he offers.

Author: sandhya mendonca

outpouring of occasional whimsies

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