The devil is always in the details

It pays to pay attention to every detail. This was driven home yet again to me recently when I accompanied our latest client, the Chairman of a prestigious engineering company, to one of their factories.

We rode the elevator to the third floor and of the four of us in it he was the only one to spot an outdated print-out that was stuck near the buttons. His first soft-voiced request to the staff who received us when we got out was to have it removed quickly and without leaving a mark. All the people who rode the elevator daily had become oblivious to it and it took him, on one of his first visits after a surgery, to spot it right away. He knew that probably this one slip-up would catch the eye of an important client and put paid to all their claims of efficiency and attention to detail in precision engineering.

At an event at a luxury store in UB City today, the smart young Sales Head who had flown in from Bombay fretted to me that the frequent power outages in Bangalore were adding to their running costs as the expensive spotlights keep fusing. She has the team here send her photos of the store each day so she can verify that the displays are exactly so and she makes it a point to check that all the bulbs are working too. “They might miss something as they work here everyday, so I check the photos to make sure that nothing is wrong and our brand makes the right impact on the HNI customers”.

Impressed? I sure am. I have learnt at some cost and a little more embarrassment that no matter how small or unimportant it appears, or how boring or repetitive a task it may be, checking that everything is right and error-free is not to be scoffed at.

Author: sandhya mendonca

outpouring of occasional whimsies

One thought on “The devil is always in the details”

  1. this is the unabridged column i wrote for one of Goa’s oldest newspapers OheraldO. they wanted me to cut it down from 800 to 600 words, so i ended up rewriting it- it was rather like trimming a tree but they seem to have wielded the shears more throughly.
    the published version in the paper is at:

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