Breathing free

Not many in the media gave adequate coverage to this pubic service message from Breathefree, a Cipla initiative on the eve of Diwali.

I’m reproducing excerpts here as I find the release a true example of a company using the the information platform in a responsible way. There’s no overt touting of medicines, rather it emphasises preventive care. Perhaps they can send it out to all schools and colleges just before next Diwali?.

“Research by the Chest Research Foundation (CRF) – Pune, shows that the burning of fire-crackers increases the level of sulphur dioxide 200-fold above the safety limits prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO). This gaseous air-pollutant along with other noxious gases emitted from the burning of fire-crackers aggravates the risk of triggering an attack in 30 million asthmatics in India and also has the potential to cause new cases of asthma.

Fireworks are one of the provoking factors for childhood bronchial asthma, particularly in children between 6-12years and it has now been established that 26% of people without any prior history of respiratory ailments develop symptoms of coughing, wheezing and breathlessness especially during Diwali.

From the beginning of Diwali till the end of February, there are about 30-40% more cases of asthma reported in the OPD. It only makes sense for all to restrict if not completely avoid firecrackers and show concern for others.”

Author: sandhya mendonca

outpouring of occasional whimsies

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